Man reunited with his lost wedding ring

A lifeboatman from Dorset has been coupled with a wedding band that he earlier lost in Weymouth Harbour 6 years ago after his buddy saw it on a beach. Marks wedding ring fall off from his finger as he helped launch a lifeboat in an emergency call in 2009.

His buddy saw the platinum wedding ring lying in mud in a very low tide at the weekend. Speaking to a local publication, Steve Woolford told that he just could not believe his eyes when he came across the long lost wedding band. On Saturday in Weymouth, they had a very low spring tide and as he was walking along the quay something in the mud caught his eye.

He further added that he climbed down the ladder to probe and it turned out to be the marriage band of his good buddy Mark lost. The wedding band has now been reunited with him and he is chuffed. The tide was really low with a clear sea bottom and no weeds at all that is probably why it was very easy to spot.

Mr Thorne, a paramedic, used metal detectors as well as wet suits during his band search in the year 2009, coming back every month to the same position at low tide. He said that he actually given up all the hopes of finding the ring. He told that he actually believe it till his friend found that on Saturday.

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