INDIAN inspired Bridal Wedding day make up tutorial

Rather Bride Online video Score: four / five

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  1. CutiestThang98

    The dogs snore is funny bhudd soo adorable BRW this tutorial is EXTRAVAGENT !!! :)))

  2. hey!
    iam a pakistani and i was looking for this look tutorial for a ling long tym!
    thanku so much that u finally did it!
    thanku so much!
    Pakistan loves u!

  3. tanekavillelafmk

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  6. missvintage1992

    Reall pretty <3

  7. gangurogeisha

    You know, I wouldn’t be getting half as pissed if the people leaving comments weren’t such douches.

  8. You too do gangurogeisha ! Sorry but I don’t want any problems with you 🙁 but I stop with comments ! End

  9. gangurogeisha

    Don’t you have anything better to do than dissing someone’s makeup tutorials?

  10. And this is also not inspired 😉

  11. gangurogeisha

    FOR THE LAST TIME, she was not going for an authentic Indian look, it’s inspired, with emphasis on the “inspired”.

  12. Hi.. This is not Indian make-up ,but it’s looking good. Keep it up !

  13. gangurogeisha

    You are a stuck-up bitch, and I will have nothing more to do with you.

  14. oh honey i am better than youu (:
    thats why i’m going to stop arguing on her comments right now
    have a great lifee
    & don’t forget to worry about yourself (;

  15. gangurogeisha

    Stop acting like you’re better than me, and stop telling me what to do! Seriously, enough is enough.

  16. gangurogeisha

    Stop acting like you’re better than me, and stop telling me what to do! Seriously, enough is enough.

  17. are you lauren ?
    if this was bothering her THAT much , she’d stick up for herself .
    worry about yourself .
    its not that big of deal

  18. gangurogeisha

    I’m arguing over the name because I’m sick and tired of people criticizing the way Lauren does this look, especially when you can see how much time and effort she’s put into it.

  19. @infiniteRosa & @gangurogeisha
    BOTH of youu are IMMATURE ! stop arguing on panacea81’s comments & watch the damn video . why are you arguing over the names ? grow up !
    its an INDIAN inspired BRIDAL WEDDING DAY make up tutorial .

  20. HeatherHonkers

    I’m glad she is only doing the ‘inspired’ look. If she used all the make up that other person said she should be using she would look like a clown. LOL

  21. LOL Okay, whatever you say, now please be on your merry way 🙂

  22. gangurogeisha

    You’re one to talk.

  23. 🙂 I have seen the ridiculous comments you have made so do not go there with me Einstein LOL