Create Kate Middleton’s Wedding Hair (how to)

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  1. nice tuttorial, now how about a Pippa haircut & style ; )

  2. thats`what i wanted fanks i will hopefully tell u what it looks like on my day xx

  3. That’s what I wanted to know how to do as well.

    I think this is more a look “inspired” by Catherine – it’s not really the same style as she wore on the day at all.

  4. question… she seemed to have her veil tucked into the tiara… how to achieve that look?

  5. emilyannshinn

    Thanks for the video! Could you do with with a curling iron, as opposed to a flat iron?

    Also, what is the silicon what you mention at the beginning? Other than that and the hairspray at the end, is there any sort of product you’d recommend for this?


  6. YAY! this is great!