Apr 14

Summer Wedding Hair and Make-up Tutorial

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Mar 14

Get Rid of Blushing Rosacea Redness Spot Bridal Make up Tutorial

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Feb 14

Our prettu bride Gege wearing dress denver

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Feb 14

Giudice and Lowe wedding shower

Catherine Giudice and Sean Lowe selected the more comprehensive wedding shower to celebrate their forthcoming weddings and get gifts from their loved ones. The Bachelor pair clicked a picture in front of their nuptial loot which included some boxes from the Crate & Barrell along with several other large wrapped gifts.

The groom-to-be Sean blinked a shy smile but his beloved was all giggles, offering a wide mouthed look at the camera. Catherine and Sean celebrated with friends and family members at Lowe house. Giudice uploaded a more formal snap of them later on her Instagram page. Continue reading →

Jan 14

♡Grecian Prom/Wedding Hair Style♡

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Jan 14

United Methodist defrocks Rev. Frank Schaefer

The church officials of the United Methodist defrocked a Pennsylvania pastor back on Thursday who earlier officiated his son’s gay marriage ceremony in Massachusetts. Lebanon’s Rev. Frank Schaefer had already been debarred when he talked with the church officials to know whether he would carry on as a pastor.

He had been asked to step down if he wishes not to continue the denomination’s Book of Discipline as they the church bears gay members but refuses the practice of homosexuality. Fifty one year old Schaefer forestalled that the book knows apart against gays and it is filled with contradictory and competing statements. Continue reading →

Dec 13

Breaking Dawn: Bella’s wedding hair tutorial

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Nov 13


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Nov 13

Zvonko Demirovic: Baro Bijav – Great Wedding (Lyrics in English)

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Oct 13

Washington opens up about her secret wedding

Finally, Kerry Washington is revealing things regarding her secret wedding ceremony to National Football League superstar Nnamdi Asomugha. During the Paley Center for Media Q&A in New York city earlier today, the Scandal superstar was questioned about getting married in the summer. Interestingly she replied that she hates to keep secrets; that is the worst thing for her, because she always want to speak regarding about it. It was also reported that she told that she was really very private regarding her private life.

A leading entertainment news house broke the news earlier that Nnamdi Asomugha and Kerry Washington secretly tied the knot in July at an Idaho wedding ceremony. Without elaborating anything else about the wedding, she quickly changed the topic and went on to speak about her craft.

She told that she tries to be really naked emotionally in her work, and she is not holding back at all when it comes to her work suggesting a clear distinction between the private view of her personal life and the public nature of her work. She added that she is giving all that she could in her work. Therefore, her works belongs to all because that is the option he made and her own life belongs to her only.

We would have to wait and see whether the couple decided to have a baby in recent future. But there was a question what Washington’s alter ego Olivia Pope would be engaged to if she got pregnant. She told that she does not have any idea regarding that and those are Shonda questions. She never knew where the show is going.

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