May 15


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Apr 15

Barbie Bride and Bridesmaids Makeup Episode Full Video Game for Girls HD – Barbie Makeover Gameplay

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Apr 15

Teens sentenced to detention for crashing a wedding party

Three teenagers have been condemned to detention following an attack on invitees at a wedding party in Perth previous year. A bunch of youths aged between thirteen and sixteen years of age, gatecrashed a marriage ceremony at Point Walter cafe in Bicton.

One of the boys asked a wedding invitee Aaron Flannery, for a cigarette and just after a fight broke out between the 2, reminding the other youths to be a part of it. Flannery was hit to the ground and was also kicked in the head by the youths but was also charged for his role in the fight.

Well, he was found guilty and also fined US$ 500. The boys also threw rocks and bricks, injuring several wedding invitees including the groom. A whole lot of people was actually assaulted and then they were taken to the hospital with bruises and lacerations to body and face.

The mishap was heard by the court and the bride and the groom had a devastating effect on them. Both suffered from extreme exhaustion. A statement also reported that she required a counseling and she literally could not bring herself to have a glance at her wedding snaps. Continue reading →

Mar 15

Игры для девочек

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Feb 15

Man reunited with his lost wedding ring

A lifeboatman from Dorset has been coupled with a wedding band that he earlier lost in Weymouth Harbour 6 years ago after his buddy saw it on a beach. Marks wedding ring fall off from his finger as he helped launch a lifeboat in an emergency call in 2009.

His buddy saw the platinum wedding ring lying in mud in a very low tide at the weekend. Speaking to a local publication, Steve Woolford told that he just could not believe his eyes when he came across the long lost wedding band. On Saturday in Weymouth, they had a very low spring tide and as he was walking along the quay something in the mud caught his eye.

He further added that he climbed down the ladder to probe and it turned out to be the marriage band of his good buddy Mark lost. The wedding band has now been reunited with him and he is chuffed. The tide was really low with a clear sea bottom and no weeds at all that is probably why it was very easy to spot. Continue reading →

Feb 15

Bride’s MTV pretty woman

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Dec 14

Get Ready With Me Wedding Edition: Classic Bridal Updo

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Dec 14

Asian Bridal Hair & Make up Artist London HD

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Nov 14

Khmer Wedding Make-Up/Dresses Show

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